photoOn Monday 25th we visited the nursery and elementary school Young Comrades - "Erineos Galanakis", attended by 260 pupils! The school was founded from Antonios Mutyaba and his wife, Harriet!

We had the opportunity to get to know each other, talk and play together! We offered them pencils, erasers and pencils with colours, material collected during the H-Ug action in Athens! Teachers and students sang at the end folk songs in the dialect of Luganda in order to express their appreciation!

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photoThe 2day Training Seminar at the University of Ndejje was successfully completed! On 26th of July, the H-Ug team met with the administrators of the University and presented the Erasmus + program, in which the African universities are able to participate!
On 27th ofJuly, the seminar took place at the main Campus of the University in Kampala at the presence of deputy vice chancellor, academic staff and several students. The Interest was undiminished throughout the presentations, while at the end there was a barrage of questions! We will try to transmit you the warm hospitality of the University to the H-Ug team!

Dean of Faculty of Business Adm. & Mgt., Mrs Milly Kwagala Oidu:
“We deeply appreciate the touching, educative and awareness presentation you made; we believe it has started changing our way of thinking. you can imagine you're two persons bringing a positive change and hope into the hopeless lives.”

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Athens, 6th July 2016

Two siblings from Athens are getting ready to organize a voluntary, autonomous and independent project in the depths of Africa. Marilena Maragkou and Konstantinos Maragkos, two Greek volunteers, will travel to the village of Monde in Uganda in order to provide assistance to people of all ages. The H-Ug Project aims primarily to inform hundreds of people about studying opportunities that exist in Europe via European Programmes.

The program will take place from 22nd of July till 10th of August  in the community of St. Antonios of Monde and it is developed into 5 parts.

  • In the first part, the two siblings will meet with the Ministry of Education and Sports, where it will be presented a self-conducted guide for the access of foreigners to the higher education in Greece. This guide was developed in the framework of the project in order to facilitate the whole process of admission to the higher education.
  • In the second part, related to the higher education, the two volunteers will meet with the Dean of the University of Ndejje, in which there will be presented the Erasmus+ programme, which is now accessible to African countries. It will be also discussed the opportunity of signing bilateral agreements with the Greek Universities.
  • In the third part, which concerns the secondary education, there will be daily contact with pupils, while there will be organized training courses, courses of english and greek language, seminars of greek civilization and culture and interactive games.  Furthermore, information will be given about studying opportunities in Europe in general and more specifically in Greece.
  • In the fourth part, related to the primary education, there will be held activities and lessons for children based on the non-formal education and alternative way of teaching.
  • In the fifth part, they will participate and contribute in manual tasks and activities with the locals. They will also visit the orphanage of the community trying to offer by all means.

Marilena and Konstantinos are ready for the journey in the centre of the world and are getting ready to offer as much help as possible to the residents of the Monde. Their main concern is to pass on their knowledge and thus to broaden the horizons of the Ugandan students.

You can get informed for the progress of the program through their Facebook page:

 https: //

In the framework of the project the two volunteers organize a special event entitled "Give a Hug!" on Friday 15 of July 2016 at 18: 00-22: 00 in the café “O Apanw Maxalas” (Kallithea, Platonos 1). You can also contribute in the program by offering something simple but valuable for the children of the community Monde. A pencil and a pen can make thousands of children of the community happy! During the event you will also have the opportunity to learn about the activities of the two volunteers, to discuss with them and clarify any questions you may have.

On 15th of July 2016 it was successfully conducted the event “Give a hug” which took place in the café "O Apanw Maxalas" in the district of Kallithea in Athens. More than 70 people from Attica attended the event. The main aim of this event was not only to inform people about the project and its goals but also to give to the people the opportunity to contribute to the H-Ug project. People offered school equipment, stationary and other presents which will be offered to locals, students and academic staff by the team during their trip to Uganda the next days. Attendees were curious about this initiative and expressed their interest to participate in the project in the near future. The H-Ug project team was pleased with the hug-e and unexpected support of the people and it is looking forward to give abundant «Ηugs» to the community of Uganda.