Marilena Maragkou represented H-Ug project στο “Meet the Future 2” on 18th of February 2017 which took place at the amphitheatre of the Regional Unity of Chalkida. The event was organized by the the Foreign Language Center “ELC Anifadis”, “IEK Praxis” and the Private Language Center “Kyriakou”. The event aimed at the professional orientation studies not only in Greece but also abroad, the emotional development and support of children and the value of volunteering and creativity.

The event was attended by 500 people, students, parents and representatives of local authorities of the community of Chalkida.

H-Ug talked about the value of volunteering, volunteers hold a huge impact not only in the societies they live but also into their own personality. In the beginning they realize that they have changed, they have improved, by offering to others you offer to your own self. During the event, attended had the chance to watch the trailer of the documentary "Uganda through our eyes" and a part of it.

"At first it was just an idea, the reason for a trip to an unknown country and continent. But then the idea was evolved into the H-Ug project. We thought that we can do something more than just a trip. Knowing the needs through testimonies of people who live or just traveled there, we believed that we can provide a lot to this country. Once you are able to do something, why don’t you give it a try? When you can contribute in any way, why don’t you try? This beautiful trip was just the beginning for us and for what it will follow. What matters is what we do from now on, this experience was the inspiration and motivation so as to do more and to continue this action.”

photoKonstantinos Maragkos represented the H-Ug project in the Youth Exchange programme #yagoskg (Youth Activism Generates Opportunity) organised by the Greek NGO United Societies of Balkans, in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. The programme took place in Thessaloniki from 10th until 18th of January. 50 activists from Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Sweden, France, Estonia, Germany, U.K., Tunisia and Denmark met for 8 days to participate in the programme with the aim to increase the knowledge of the key concepts about the social activism, the human rights and the volunteerism, to explain and to reflect on the different ways of activism, human rights and volunteerism, to explain and act in a different way.

In the framework of the programme activities Konstantinos presented the H-Ug project and for first time the H-Ug project movie with English subtitles. Participants attended the movie stranded and excited, they were shocked from images, videos and live narratives of the main actors. After the end of the film, it followed by questions about the program and the organization, their future plans and aspirations of the H-Ug project team.

Comments after the movie:
“I was amazed with your project. I strongly believe that you do a great effort helping others and with your actions we can change and improve the quality of lives not only in Africa but also in the whole world”, Alvar from Tartu, Estonia, 22 years old student of structure engineering

“I was impressed by your story and I would like to contribute and help you in the future”, Radu from Craiova, Romania, 17 years old student in high school
“I really liked the project in several aspects. I admire manily that you did it in a volunteering basis and that two siblings were able to produce so great things”, Mohamed from Syria living currently in Sweden. 27 years old activist

“It was very moving watching this movie. It is interesting to show it to all of the people and show how big is the impact with such an effort”, Georgina from U.K.,21 years old

“It was the first time in my life that I had no words to express myself”, Vasiliki from Greece, 22 years old, student of Law in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

“I did never expect that two young people of my age could act in this way. I was impressed with your work and your way of thinking. I do not know if I could do it. But now you gave me the motivation. You are right, just go for it”, Lito from Cyprus, 22 years old, student of mechanical engineering at the University of Cyprus

“The movie was really touching. It is a great example for all of us. Only few of us risked it to leave the “comfortable” llife and go to a country like this with their own initiative to offer happiness and love to the children who estimate everything because nothing is for granted, as we think. I hope that more people will follow your example” Gavriella, 23 years old, student in Economics, University of Cyprus

Kampala, 3rd of August 2016

The H-Ug project team isin the middle of the second week of its activity and has already successfully covered the largest range of its activities. The program started  dynamically!

The consultate of Greece in Uganda Mr. K.Nikolaidis warmly welcomed the H-Ug project team and discussed about the pbjectives of the project.

Marilena and Konstantinos had the chance to meet the Metropolitan of Uganda Mr. Jonah Lwanga in the Metropolis of Uganda and discussed their pioneer program and the possibility of continuing it.

The action of the H-Ug project team was launched by the visit  of the team in the nursery and primary school "Young Comrades - Erineos Galanakis", in the district of Wakiso . The two young people had the opportunity to spend time with the 260 pupils of the school, discuss,sing and play with them. Stationary was distributed to all the pupils and teachers of the school.

Then the project team visited the elementary school of "Nicholas Topouzlis" of the parish of St. Demetrius, in the region of Bwetyaba. TheH-Ug team interacted with about 250 pupils and gave presents to all of them and to the Director of the school.

The pupils so as to welcome the H-Ug team in their school, danced traditional African dancesin a unique atmosphere in which the Greek and Ugandan spirit were united.The H-Ug team had the opportunity to visit around not only the premises of the school but the premises of the prphanage of the school as well.

Undoubtly, huge success of the H-Ug team was the training seminar that took place in the University of Ndejje. On 26th of July the H-Ug team met with the administrative staff of the University in the main and conducted a training seminar for Erasmus + program, the study opportunities for students and staff exchanges for the academic staff within the EU but mainly with Greek Universities. Then they discussed the process of concluding a bilateral agreement between Ndejje and Greek Universities, which had expressed their interest in advance.

The next day, on 27th of  July, the seminar was held at the Campus of

University in Kampalaat the presence of the Vice Rector of the University Mr. Fredrick Kakembo. The response of the students was great and the interest remained at the highest levels throughout the training seminar. On 2nd of August

2016, the H-Ug Project team met with the Rector of the University main Eriabu

Lugujjo and other members of senior management of the University so as to further discuss about further coperations between Ndejje University and Greek universities.

These are the first steps of a sustainable and fruitful cooperation of European and African Universities.

photoThe H-Ug project team returned to its base after a special "journey" in Uganda and has prepared a thematic event full of pictures, videos and live testimonies. The event "Uganda through our eyes" was held on Friday, 2nd of December 2016 at the public theatre of Kallithea.

The event was launched with a thankful speech from the H-Ug project team and the film screening of "Uganda through our eyes", which was conducted by the members of the team. The movie depicted the activities that took place in Uganda in the framework of the project including interviews from the main actors. The H-Ug team “traveled” the attendees to Uganda through the storytelling of experiences and intented to reduce the mileage and cultural distance between Greece and Uganda through the use of audiovisual media.

Father Antonios Moutiampa from Uganda participated as a guest speaker in the event and shared not only his experience with the H-Ug project but also the actions carried out by himself in Uganda during the last years. The next speaker of the event, Eleni Karagianni who is an Artist narrated her experience as a volunteer in Rwanda. Afterwards Lina Mkontzi from Kenya, student with scholarship in Denmark under an Erasmus Mundus Master program described the opportunities and possibilities offered to her by this Master. The last guest speaker was Julien Makalu from Congo, student at the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, who highlighted the importance of education and shared his experiences in our country.

The event was attended by approximately 200 people, who had the chance not only to get informed and “travel” with the team of the H-Ug project but also to share the same feelings with them. The event was attended also by the Honorary Consul of Uganda in Greece, Mrs Alexandraki who warmly embraced the whole initiative. It was a special event in every aspect, which inspired and gave food for thought to all the attendees.

photoOn 26th of July we visited the parish of St. Demetrios, where is located the school "Nicholas Topouzlis" and the orphanage of the parish. The school has 450 students and 9 teachers. We had the opportunity to meet the children, to go through their classrooms and also observe how they spend their time after school. Also we visited the dormitories of the orphanage, where children have a layer or in the best case a bed to sleep and a small suitcase with all their belongings. Children welcomed us with folk african sounds and dances.
Then we visited the poultry farm of Antonios Mutyaba and Nkwanga Harriet where they are rearing 3000 chickens so as to be able to feed the children in nearby schools.

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