tededThe H-Ug team gave a speech at the TedEd Club in Chalkida on Saturday 29th of April 2017. The event was organized by the Foreign Languages Language Center ELC Anyfadis, certified center for the internationally recognized TedEd Clubs platform. TedED is an initiative of the TED platform for youth and education. The event was held at the "Peri Technon" theatre in Chalkida and approximately 150 people attended the event.

The H-Ug team talked about how they managed to combine travelling and volunteerism, developing the H-Ug Project. As the H-Ug team said: "Two words can represent us: Travelling and Volunteerism. While traveling, our goal is not only to get to know new places and cultures but also to offer. Through volunteer trips we offer not only to others but also to ourselves. That's exactly what happens to us and the H-Ug Project. The H-Ug Project at first was just an idea, the opportunity for a trip to an unknown country and continent. But then this idea evolved into the H-Ug project. Eventually this is our passion: the H-Ug Project, a voluntary journey, the only difference with this journey is that we do not know when and where it will end. "

But the event was focused on students who presented their interests in a quite interactive way. In addition, Susana Abigador talked about the health of our emotions, thoughts and body, and the event ended with a drawing-story telling by Leda Varvarousi. At the end of the event, the H-Ug Project team had the opportunity to discuss with the participants and further inform them.