3The event “The Value of Education & Volunteerism» has succesfully accomplished on 10/04/2017 in Ljubjana. We would like to warmly thank the slovenian NGO SLOGA for hosting our event and for the whole cooperation. The event got started with interactive activities, presentation of the H-Ug Project, the value of volunteerism and continued with the documentary "Uganda through our eyes." Guest speakers from Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda shared with the attendants personal experiences regarding their personal life and education in Africa and Europe. Lina Mkoji, Hilary Banks and Catherine Natako have been representing open books through a live library. Then, two teams of students presented running and upcoming projects in Africa. The first group of students, consisted of Lauren Chan and Sil Van De Velde, talked about the research project "Western Sahara", which is being implemented from the University of Girona in Spain (http://www.udg.edu/instituts/ Superiord% E2% 80% 99EstudisTur% C3% ADstics / Inici / Reculldenoticies / tabid / 17166 / p / 55600 / language / es-ES / Default.aspx). The second group of students, consisted of Valentine Durant and Louise Russier presented the Projet Madagascar 2017 - La Goutte d'Eau (https://www.facebook.com/projetmada2014/?fref=ts ), which is being implemented from the French student organization La Goutte d'Eau.