10“H-Ug Project” Team implemented an activism action by participating in a Marathon and running for a special purpose.
On 09/04/2017, four H-Ug Project ambassadors from Greece, Japan, Austria and Cyprus participated successfully in the Istrian Marathon in Koper of Slovenia and ran 42 km and 21 km. Konstantinos, Saori and Andreas ran the 42 km and Dimitris ran the 21 km. There were intense emotions since the four ambassadors successfully passed the finish line.

Runners and attendants of the marathon had the chance to receive card postal of the “H-Ug Project” while registering. More than 5000 card postals destributed to them.

We would like to express our special thanks of graditude to:

  • The rest of the “H-Ug Project” Team and the friends who supported the ‘H-Ug Project” runners before the beginning of the Marathon and at the finish line.
  • Onar Diafimistiki for sponsoring the flags and Stampart for the T-shirts!
  • www.sermaides.gr for sponsoring the card postals!
  • Istrian Marathon organizers for cooporating and distributing our card postals.